Alex Martin

Terasol Artisans Cafe

A neighborhood-style French bistrot in DC on Connecticut Avenue near the intersection with Nebraska (across from Politics and Prose bookstore). This place was a bit of a culinary secret when I first started playing here two years ago, but the word has gotten out as the food wins awards from Open Table and other critics. Owners Alan and Sabrina and their friendly wait staff give Terasol an ambiance familiale--you're always at home here (but calling ahead to make a reservation is always a good idea). Live music every Friday and Saturday, including me three times a month.

Rod Lamkey Photography

A great photographer who took the photo of me used for the banner on this site. Check out his photojournalism of Lebanon, New Orleans post-Katrina and Gustav, and one of the most frightening pictures of Dick Cheney known to man! And yes, he does weddings!

Ron Brendle--Official Site

Check out Ron's beautiful bass playing on Second Life.

Hirustica: Musiques du monde

This is the record label started by trumpeter and composer Gaby Kerdoncuff, my friend for 25 years now and a leading force in the traditional and improvisational music scene of Brittany, the Celtic region of France where I was born. The site is in French, but click on the audio links on the right-hand side of the page to hear how Gaby brings into conversation traditional Breton music, Romanian gypsy music, and jazz.

Gene Bertoncini

Il maestro. He plays chords the rest of us guitarists dream of, and swings like we wish we could. He taught me a lot about harmony, swing, patience, dedication, and generosity. Grazie.

Scott Sawyer--Genre-Busting Guitar

One of the best-kept secrets on Planet Guitar, although maybe not for long: check out his recent CD, Dreamers. Also my teacher and friend for 20 years.

John Stowell: Jazz Guitarist, Clinician

Right up at the top of my jazz guitar pantheon. One of the most beautiful and innovative players out there.

Approaching History

The words and images of my father, poet and artist Mike Martin, which weave together stories from the hollers of southwest Virginia, a memoir of loss and celebration, an elevator meeting with Hannah Arendt, and echoes of the archetypes of Western history.


Where to go to find out who's playing where in the DC area.

WPFW Pacifica Radio 89.3 FM

DC's jazz and justice station. Click on WPFW Live! to listen through your browser.

Joe's Movement Emporium

Wonderful performing arts venue and cultural center in my hometown of Mount Rainier, Maryland.

Schulman Creative

Jazz violinist David Schulman

Raycurt Johnson

The Fiddla plays on...

Tom Kaufman, Man (and Novelist) of Mystery

Following on the heels of his two critically acclaimed DC gumshoe novels starring PI Willis Gidney, Drink the Tea and Steal the Show (both St. Martin's), Tom Kaufman has just released Erased and Other Stories as an e-book, available on I loved both the novels and look forward to reading the stories. In addition to writing, Tom is also an award-winning cameraman (with credits from West Wing to The Wire) and a damn good jazz bassist. Don't ask me how he does it....

Sven Abow and Sound Pool Studios

Sven is a talented percussionist and sound engineer who owns and operates Sound Pool Studios in Brentwood, Maryland. I was very pleased with his recording of my acoustic guitar on "Berceuse de Chloé (Children of Mesopotamia)," which you can hear on the "Listen" subpage, "Unreleased Duets."